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Music - Since I Left You - A Celebration of the Avalanches at Vivid 2014
An exuberant celebration of the Avalanches’ debut record proves it's still as relevant all these years later More
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Australia richest film prize launches festival program
Hugo Weaving has been named as this year's CinèfestOZ 2015 Screen Legend with today's launch of the festival's... More
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I want to join the Prod Book listings, how do I do that
  • To add a listing you can sign up on line and add a listing which will be approve...

Looking for Sydney CBD Rooftop for seasonal fashion campaign photoshoot
  • Check out the Location Managers category in TPB, they may be able to assist plus...

Looking for a casting agency in QLD
  • You could add your property to the Prod Book Locations Listings Directory. This...

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