2016 Monsieur Mayonnaise D
2016 Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe D
2015 The Crater D
2015 Afghanistan: Inside Australia's War D
2014 Plumpton High Babies 10 years On D
2013 The Vasectomist D
2012 Mysteries Of The Human Voice D
2011 The Secret History of Eurovision D
2011 Divorce Aussie Islamic Way D
2011 On Borrowed Time D
2010 Dick Smiths Population Puzzle D
2009 My Asian Heart D
2009 Lebs, Lies & Videotapes D
2009 Addicted To Money D
2008 The Hobbit Enigma D
2008 Fairweather Man D
2007 Kidnapped D
2007 Junction House Blues D
2007 The Cars That Ate China D
2007 Constructing Australia: The Bridge D
2004 Frank Hurley: The Man Who Made History D
2004 Secrets Of The Jury Room D
2003 Fine Line D
2003 Hired Assassins D
2002 In Limbo D
2002 They Came They Saw They Concreted D
2002 Under One Roof D
2002 Wedding In Ramallah D
2001 Going Public D
2000 Watching The Detectives D
1999 Riots Of Passage D
1999 The Fortune Teller D
1998 Breathing Space D
1998 Thought It Was Love D
1997 Brothers & Sisters D
1996 2 Below Zero D
1996 No Place Like Home D
1995 Advertising Missonaries D
1995 The Young One D
1991 Mozambique - A Fair Go D
1987 Kaidiacha F


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