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2020 The Dry F (Prod Acc)
2019 Storm Boy F (Prod Acc)
2019 Love Island (US) TV (Prod Acc)
2019 Dirt Music F (Prod Acc)
2018 Escape from the City TV (Prod Acc)
2017 Thor: Ragnarok F (Prod Acc)
2016 Secret City TV (Prod Acc)
2015 Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door TV (Prod Acc)
2014 Catching Milat TV (Prod Acc)
2013 Carlotta TV (Prod Acc)
2013 Legally Brown TV (Snr Prod Acc)
2013 Never Tear Us Apart INXS TV (Prod Acc)
2012 Howzat! Kerry Packer's War TV (Snr Prod Acc)
2011 Wild Boys TV (Snr Prod Acc)
2010 Rescue Special Ops II & III TV (Prod Acc)
2009 Last Chance Surgery TV (Prod acc)
2009 Ready Steady Cook TV (Prod Acc)
2009 Deal or No Deal TV (Prod Acc)
2008 Real Prison Breaks TV (Prod Acc)
2007 Push (US) F (Asst Prod Acc)

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