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Casting for international & domestic TVCs •TV & film •Specialising in Australian comedy & drama/TVCs & offshore TVCs •Cannes Gold Lion winners for international & domestic projects 

2013 In Cold Blood F
2007-08 Chandon Pictures I- II TV
2006 The Final Winter F
2005 Firestorm (UK) TV
2004 Man Thing (US) F (Asst)
2004 Tom Yum Goong F
2003 Gettin' Square F (Asst)
2003 Ned F (Asst)
2002 Garage Days F (Asst)
2002 The Honourable Wally Norman F (Asst)
2001 Queen of the Damned F (Asst)

Contact:  Joseph Wijangco & Leon Fryer


Building 11/Fox Studios/38 Driver Avenue
Moore Park NSW 2020

Phone: (02) 9383 4400

Mobile: 0412 865 265



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