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Executive Producer 

2018 Working Class Boy D
2018 Muslims Like Us TV
2018 Marry Me, Marry My Family TV
2018 Go Back to Where You Came From (Live) D
2017 House of Bond TV
2017 Demolition Man TV
2017 Court Justice: Sydney TV
2017 The Obesity Myth D
2017 Lawless: The Real Bushrangers TV
2016-18 Bondi Rescue XI-XIII TV
2016 Revolution School TV
2016 Pauline Hanson: Please Explain TV
2015 House of Hancock TV
2015 Kebab Kings TV
2015 Bondi Rescue X TV
2014 Bondi Rescue IX TV
2013 Wanted TV
2013 JFK: The Smoking Gun TV
2013 The Outlaw Michael Howe TV
2013 Shitsville TV
2013 Two Men in China TV
2012 The Great Mint Swindle (Telemovie) TV
2011 Go Back to Where You Came From TV
2010-11 Hardliners TV
2010 Anatomy of a Massacre TV
2008 Two in the Top End TV
2007 Sleek Geeks TV
2006-08 Bondi Rescue I-III TV
2006 Suspicious Minds TV
2006 Two Men in a Time TV
2006 Two of Us TV
2005 Forensic Files TV
2004 Street Practice TV
2003 A Case For The Coroner TV


16-18 Meagher Street
Chippendale NSW 2008



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