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Super 16 equipment •Digital Betacam DOP film & HD video 


2018 Shake Sister Shake D
2018 Intuition D
2016 Local Justice TV
2016 Shanghai & Japan D
2016 Howard on Menzies TV
2015 Deep Freeze Antarctica D
2015 Behind Closed Doors D
2015 Intuition: Your Personal Guidance System D
2015 Women in Blues D
2010 Inside Natures Giants TV
2009 On Tour with the Queen TV
2009 The Elders (Doco) TV
2008 Darwin's Lost Paradise D
2007 Every Other Weekend SF
2006 4 D
2005 Atlas Australia (US) D
2004 Guns Germs & Steel D
2003 Lonely Planet Six Degrees D
2001 Ghosts Of The Abyss D
2000 Australians At War D
1999 3D Halloween D
1997 Animalicious (US) D
1997 Rat (US) D
1996 The Ultimate Athlete D
1994 The Space Shuttle (US) D
1991 Submarines: Sharks Of Steel D
1989 Glass F
1988 The Great Wall Of Iron (Series) D
1987 Man On The Rim D
1984 Sweat Of The Sun Tears Of The Moon D


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