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2019 My Life Is Murder TV (Music Ed)
2018 True Story with Hamish & Andy II TV (Music Ed)
2017 A Few Less Men F (Music Ed)
2015 The Dressmaker F (Music Ed/Temp Score)
2014 Paper Planes F (Music Ed)
2014 Kill Me Three Times F (Music Ed/Temp Score)
2013-16 Winners & Losers III-V TV (Music Ed)
2012 Mental F (Music Ed/Temp Score)
2011 Sanctum F (Music Ed/Temp Score)
2011 Red Dog F (Music Ed/Temp Score)
2010 The Way Back F (Music Ed)
2009 Mao's Last Dancer F (Music Ed)
2006 Miss Potter (UK) F (Music Ed)
2006 The History Boys F (Music Ed)
2006 Venus (UK) F (Music Ed)
2005 Keeping Mum (UK) F (Music Ed)
2005 The Descent (UK) F (Music Ed)
2005 The Wedding Date (UK) F (Music Ed)
2004 Enduring Love (UK) F (Music Ed)
2004 Bride & Prejudice (UK) F (Music Ed)
2004 The Life and Death of Peter Sellers F (Music Ed)


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