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Aerial Cinematographer •Camera Operator 


2021 Monster Problems F (2nd U)
2021 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings F
2020 Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway F (2nd U)
2020 Rising Wolf F (Acam)
2018 Living Universe F
2018 Peter Rabbit F (Add Photography)
2018 Aquaman F
2017 Alien: Covenant F (2nd U)
2016 Hacksaw Ridge F (Dailies)
2015 Imagine TV
2015 Getting Frank Gehry D
2015 The Great Australian Race Riot D
2013 Whitlam: The Power and the Passion TV
2012 The Last Race TV
2011 Wide Open Road TV
2009 OpposableThumbs TV
2006 Superman Returns (US) F (2nd U)
2004 Stealth (US) F (Add)
2003 The Matrix II & III (US) F (2nd U)
2000 Furtive Love SF
2000 The Alley SF
1995 The Bite TV (Bcam)


87 Fern Street
Clovelly NSW 2031

Mobile: 0418 698 663


Agent : AUSCREW (02) 9427 4444


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