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2021 Mortal Kombat F (Lidar/Cyber/Prop Scan)
2020 Legend of Sun and Moon (China) F (Lidar/Cyber/Prop Scan)
2020 Love and Monsters F (Lidar/Cyber/Prop Scan)
2018 Peter Rabbit F (Lidar/Cyber/Prop Scan)
2016 Gods of Egypt F (Lidar/Cyber/Prop Scan)
2016 Hacksaw Ridge F (Lidar/Cyber/Prop Scan)
2013 The Great Gatsby F
2013 The Wolverine F
2012 Life of Pi F
2010 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader F
2008 Australia F
2007 Ghost Rider (US) F
2006 Happy Feet F
2006 Rogue F
2005 Son of the Mask (US) F
2003 The Matrix Reloaded (US) F
2003 The Matrix Revolutions (US) F
2001 Moulin Rouge! F
1999 The Matrix (US) F

Contact:  Andrew Borscz


PO Box 4287
Bexley North NSW 2207



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