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Assistant •HR truck licence •PADI Rescue Diver •Forklift licence •Senior 1st Aid •Scissor Lift licence 


2021 März F
2020 Sløborn (PL/GER) TV
2019 Freies Land (UKR) F
2019 Curveball (GER) F
2019 Trümmermädchen (GER) F
2016 The Chaser's Election Desk TV
2014-16 The Checkout TV
2013 Lah Lah's Adventures TV
2012 The Unbelievable Truth TV
2010 Packed to the Rafters TV
2009-14 Playschool TV
2009-14 Giggle And Hoot TV
2008-09 Dirtgirlworld TV
2008 The Cut TV
2008 Swift & Shift Couriers TV
2007 Daybreakers (US) F
2007 Stone Bros F
2005 West F
2005 Superman Returns F
2004 Son of the Mask F
2003 Star Wars: Episode III (US) F
2001 Kangaroo Jack (US) F
2000 The Three Stooges (US) TV
1999 Risk F


13A Richards Avenue
Croydon VIC 3136


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