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Music supervision 


2018 The Nightingale F
2018 Ghosthunter D
2017 Jasper Jones F
2017 The Wrong Girl II TV
2017 The Butterfly Tree F
2017 Cargo F
2016-17 A Place to Call Home TV (Sup)
2016 Sherpa TV
2016 Hacksaw Ridge F
2016 Joe Cinque's Consolation F
2015 The Daughter F (Sup)
2015 Downriver F (Sup)
2015 Neon F (Sup)
2014 The Water Diviner F
2014 Words & Pictures (US) F
2014 The Little Death F (Sup)
2014 The Last Impresario D
2014 Jack Irish: Dead Point TV (Telemovie)
2013 Adore (FRA/AU) F
2013 Drift (AU/US) F
2013 The Babadook F
2013 Plot for Peace (ZAF) D
2013 Wentworth TV
2012 Kath & Kimderella F
2012 Storm Surfers 3D F
2011 33 Postcards (AU/CHN) F
2011 The Hunter F
2009 In Her Skin F
2008 Subdivision F
2008 Yes Madame, Sir D
2005 Little Fish F
2004 Deck Dogz F
2003 After the Deluge (UK/AU) TV
2003 The Night We Called it a Day F
2002 The Nugget F
2001 La Spagnola F
2000 The Monkey's Mask F
1999 Holy Smoke F
1998 Erskineville Kings F
1997 The Portrait of a Lady (US/UK) F


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