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2016 Hunters TV
2013 Beyond Blue C
2013 Deakin University C
2013 Momentum C
2013 JJ Jeans C
2013 GMHBA C
2011 Chum C (Concept art/prod des)
2011 Rowland S. Howard: Autoluminescent D
2010 Origin Energy C (Concept art)
2010 Australian Unity Insurance C (Concept art/prod des)
2010 Boags Beer C (Concept art)
2009 NAB C (Art dir)
2009 Earth Choice Detergent C (Concept art/art dir)
2009 Sorbent C (Concept art/art dir)
2008 The Road F
2008 Strongbow C (Concept art/art dir)
2008 Nestle Drumstick C (Art dir)
2008 Holden Cruze C (Art dir)
2004 The Proposition F
2001 Queen of the Damned (US) F
2000 Subterano F
1998 Moby Dick (US) TV (Sfx)
1998 The Missing F
1994 Angel Baby F

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