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Steadicam PRO system w/ Preston focus •All accessories for Panavision •ARRI •ARRIcam •Moviecam Aaton •Betacams •Sony HD •UW equipment •RED camera •3D

2011 Jandamarra's War D (Bcam)
2010 Blame F
2009 Needle F (Bcam)
2007 Australia F (2nd U)
2004 Parallax (US) TV
2004 Rapture of the Deep (GER) TV
2003 The Bernie Mac Show TV
2002 Good Morning America Oscar Show (US) TV
2002 CBS 50th Anniversary Show (US) TV
2002 CSI (US) TV
2002 Family Law (US) TV
2001 7th Heaven (US) TV
2001 Not Another Teen Movie (US) F
2001 Star Trek Enterprise (US) TV
2001 The Good Girl (US) F


435 Falls Road
Hovea WA 6071



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