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Steadicam Owner/Operator •Master Instructor 

2013 The Wolverine F (Steadi)
2008 X-Men Origins: Wolverine F (2nd Steadi)
2007 Victory F (Steadi)
2006 Kanyini F (Steadi/DOP)
2005 The Bet F (Steadi)
2005 The Silence TV (Steadi)
2004 Petrol Wiya D (DOP)
2003 Postcard Bandits F (Steadi)
2001 Dil Chahta Hai (India) F (Steadi)
2000-04 Farscape TV (Steadi)
2000 Me Myself I F (Steadi)
1999 Birthday Girl (UK) F (Steadi)
1999 Noah's Ark (US) F (Steadi)
1996 Thank God He Met Lizzie F (Steadi)
1995 Cosi F (Steadi)
1994 Muriel's Wedding F (Steadi)
1992 Shotgun Wedding F (Steadi)


23 Joseph Banks Drive
Kings Langley NSW 2147

Agent : CALLING ALL CREW 0408 490 838


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