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VFX Supervisor •VFX Art Director •2D Compositor •Digital Matte Artist •Concept/production design 

2020 Go! F
2019 Palm Beach F
2019 Judy & Punch F
2019 At Last F
2018 The King's Daughter F
2018 Peter Rabbit F
2018 Swinging Safari F
2018 Winchester F
2018 Guardians of the Tomb F
2018 Halloween F
2017 Jungle F
2016 Underground TV
2015 The Age of Adaline F (Comp)
2015 Under the Sun SF
2015 Our Brand Is Crisis F
2014 I, Frankenstein F (Lead Comp)
2014 Unbroken F (Comp)
2013 The Railway Man F (Comp)
2012 The Hunger Games (US) F (Compositor)
2012 The Sapphires F (Compositor)
2011 Captain America: The First Avenger (US) F (Compositor)
2011 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (US) F (Compositor)
2010 Cane Toads: The Conquest D (Compositor)
2009 Daybreakers F (VFX Supervisor)
2008 Australia (AU/US) F (VFX Art Director)
2006 Superman Returns (US) F
2005 See No Evil (US) F
2005 The Marine (US) F
2005 House of Wax (US) F
2004 Anacondas (US) F
2003 Future Tense (US) TV (2D comp)
2003 Ghost Ship (US) F (Snr/comp)
2003 Mermaids TV (Comp)
2002 The Lost World (AU/US) TV (Super)
1999 Beastmaster (AU/CAN) TV (Super)
1999 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (US) TV
1999 Journey to the Center of the Earth (US) TV (Super)
1998 The Lost World (AU/CAN) TV
1997 Moby Dick (US) TV
1997 Paradise Road F
1997 Who Am I F
1820 Upgrade F



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