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Stunt Fighting •Weaponry •Archery •Gun Handling •Precision Driving •Stunt Rigging •High Falls •Fire Burns •Squib Hits •Air Rams •Horse Riding/Falls/Drags •U/water Work/Safety 

2017-18 Into the Badlands II TV
2015 Into the Red (IRE) F
2014-15 Penny Dreadful I-II TV
2014 Spider's Trap F
2014 The Legend of Longwood F
2014 Mrs Brown's Boy's D'Movie F
2013-17 Vikings I-V (IRE) TV
2011-12 The Hobbit Trilogy F
2010 Neverland F
2010 Haywire F
2009 Jack Taylor of the Guard F
2008-10 Legend of the Seeker I-II TV
2008 Triage F
2008 Avatar F
2008 Underworld: Rise of the Lycans F
2008 The Warrior's Way F
2007 Zonad F
2007 Prince Caspian F
2007 Northanger Abbey TV (Telemovie)
2006-09 The Tudors I-IV TV
2006 The Water Horse F
2006 Becoming Jane F
2006 True North F
2005 King Kong F
2004 The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe F
2001-03 Lord of the Rings Trilogy F


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