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Stunt Fighting •Martial Arts •Car hits (Knockdowns) •Harness/Wire Work •Weaponry/Swordplay •Snowboarding •Basic Horse Riding •Archery •High Falls •Air Rams 

2020 Mulan F (Perf)
2020 Fantasy Island F
2020 Fengshen Trilogy F (Asst Stunt Coord)
2019 Guns Akimbo F (Perf)
2018 The Meg F (Utility)
2018 Mortal Engines F (Perf)
2017 Ghost in the Shell F (Asst Stunt Coord/Perf)
2016 Gods of Egypt F (Utility)
2016 The Shannara Chronicles TV (Coord)
2015 Legend F
2015 Mad Max: Fury Road F
2015 The Renevant F
2012 Emperor F
2011-13 The Hobbit Trilogy F
2008 Aliens in the Attic F
2008 Avatar F
2008 The Lovely Bones F
2006 30 Days of Night F
2003 Peter Pan F
2000-03 Lord of the Rings Trilogy F

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