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2013 The Last Goodbye F
2005 Peter Weir: Short Film Collection F
2002 All Shook Up SF
1999 Dogwatch F
1997 The Last of the Ryans TV
1995 Cosi F
1991 Spotswood F (Co-prod)
1987 Grievous Bodily Harm F
1987 Olive TV
1985 Double Sculls TV
1984 I Can't Get Started TV
1983 Molly F (Exec)
1981 Starstruck F (Co prod)
1979 Stir F
1977 Long Weekend F (Exec prod)
1975 Death Cheaters F (Exec prod)
1975 Mad Dog Morgan F (Assoc)
1975 The Trespassers F (Exec prod)
1974 Promised Woman F
1974 The Great McCarthy F (Exec prod)
1974 The Removalists F (Assoc)
1972 The Office Picnic F


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