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H2O Maxi Water Taxis offer first class event support facilities on Sydney Harbour. We are the only operator that has boats with the capacity to carry significant amounts of gear as well as people and provide a dry landing on selected Sydney Harbour beaches.

We are well versed in various activities including:
- Camera Boat. We have been used to fly drones, hand held cameras and FLIR. Our tri-hull or catamaran vessels are more stable than traditional monohulls for this work.
- VIP transfers. We have taken leading names in the film, music, political and corporate world around the harbour.
- Crew transfers. With capacity of up to 68 people on our largest boat we are able to carry crew quickly and safely around the harbour.
- Stand-by boat. We offer very competitive rates for having a boat on stand by for unscheduled transfers for events.
- Safety boat. We have experience of being used as the safety boat for events in case people need to be evacuated from a harbour island or harbourside venue

Crew Transfer •Equipment Barge •Safety Boat •Camera Boat •Charter •Stand-by Boat 


2019 Sail GP C
2018 Red Hot Summer Concert MV
2015 Bieber Island MV
2014 Unbroken F
2014 Kings of Leon MV


PO Box 357
Drummoyne NSW 1470

Phone: 1300 420 829