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DTFX is one of Australia’s most experienced and successful Film Special Effects companies.
With over 30 years experience, we have the skills and expertise to realise all your physical and mechanical effects needs.
We create fires and explosions, wind, rain and snow, smoke and atmos, stunt, camera and product rigs, mechanical rigs, soft props and breakaways.
Our services include SFX design, planning and budgeting, scheduling and pre-production, and on set operation.
We also provide theatrical armoury and prohibited weapons services, and the bullet hits, blood hits and artillery strikes that go so well with weapons.
We’re fully licensed and insured. Based at the Canal Road Film Centre in Sydney, we have a well equipped workshop and on-set vehicles.
We’ve worked on Features great and small, TV of all types, live events, and on TVCs for some of the most world’s most recognised brands.
Call us when next you need quality in-camera effects, delivered on time and on budget.

Special effects design & supervision •Physical & mechanical effects •Explosives & pyrotechnics •Rain •Product rigs •Stunt & camera rigs •Armoury & prohibited weapons •Workshop •Tanker •Over 25 years film experience •Atmospherics •Breakaways •On-set truck 

2020 Relic F
2020 Children of the Corn F
2019 Reckoning TV
2019 Awoken F
2019 SeaChange TV
2019 The Secrets She Keeps TV
2019 The Flood F
2018 Game of Games TV
2017 Dance Academy F
2017 Wolf Creek II TV
2015 UNindian F
2013 The Wolverine (US) F
2010 The Eye of the Storm F
2008 The Square F
2007-16 Home and Away TV
2006 Jindabyne F
2003 The Matrix Reloaded (US) F
2003 The Matrix Revolutions (US) F
2002 Japanese Story F
1999 Bootmen F

Contact:  Special Effects Supervisor: David Trethewey


Shed 2/No.1 Canal Road
Leichhardt NSW 2040

Mobile: 0418 669 873

Web: http://www.dtfx.net

Agent : AUSCREW (02) 9427 4444