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Judy Steele delivers quality research for Film, Theatre and Story: Findings delivered as per brief; in historical, sociological and ethnographic detail with extract; subtext elements and themes identified, and significant.
Research data for diverse sources, is obtained from documents, images, archival footage and/or footage with permission as well as sound recordings. Ongoing research and presence in postproduction on request. Judy is an experienced interviewer and documentary maker with love of storytelling. Skilled at photo restoration, Adobe Illustrator – vector graphics and Japanese IME.
Doctor of Arts (Cand) Practice-led research as film. M.A (Hons) Storyboard.
M.A Media Arts & Production
M.A Social Ecology& Qualitative Research.

Research •Production Assistant •Intercultural Consulting •Instructional Design: Graphic Storytelling 


Contact:  Judy Steele


88 Foucart Street
Rozelle NSW 2039

Phone: (02) 9818 8835

Mobile: 0409 103 940

Agent : RMK CREW (02) 8458 1300