Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t the website letting me log in using my email address?

If you entered a password with spaces at the beginning or end you may need to request a new password.
If you have forgotten your password you will need to request a new password.


When will my listing appear in the Production Book?

There is an approval process of up to one business day for all listing submissions. To be listed in the print edition you must actively working in the industry for the past two years and be able to demonstrate this.

All listings for the annual print directory must be submitted by 30th August

Your listing will be live immediately on the website once approved and will be added to the next quarterly update of the iPad app.


How many credits can I publish in my listing?

Your latest 5 credits will be published in the print edition.

For the website and the iPad/iPhone applications you can add as many credits as you like.


How many categories can I list in?

A maximum of three categories.


How do I subscribe to the Production Book?

The book is released annually. You can purchase the book here:


How do I purchase an enhanced listing?

You can purchase an enhanced listing on the website:


The images for my enhanced listing aren’t uploading?

Please limit the size of your image file to 4 megabytes or less. Please upload png, jpeg or gif file formats only.


I have received an email to update my listing, however the link has expired. How do I reset this?

Contact the Production Book team on (02) 8586 6220 or email
We will then send an email with a newly generated link.


How do I update my credits?

1. Once you have logged into the website and selected update profile.
Click edit on the appropriate category for your credit- then you will reach a screen where you can edit your credits.

2. Be sure to click submit as you enter each credit.

3. Once you have completed this click confirm and submit for approval.


I can’t find my listing- where is it on the website?

Your listing can be under your personal name or your company name. If you still cannot find it contact the Production Book team on (02) 8586 6220 or email


I am an actor and would like to go into the Actors category. How do I get into this section of the book?

To be listed in our Actors category you must be represented by an agent.