NIDA – Degree –Costume Design
NIDA’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (Costume) is an intense practice-based course offering education and training in costume construction, management and related period and social research.

Students are introduced to the techniques required to produce creative works integral to becoming a costume professional, including costume construction, tailoring, pattern making, period cutting, draping, costume management, millinery and leatherwork and specialist costumes. As they progress to making fully tailored and more advanced garments for full-scale productions, students expand the depth of their collaboration with the designer and performer, applying their skills in increasingly complex situations including practical workshops, exhibitions, installations and research projects. New and non-traditional materials and techniques are explored, and students gain experience of how to manage budgets and how to supervise a costume department.

While the course is focused primarily around costume in the context of theatre, there are classes, projects and industry placements which offer learning and opportunities related to the wider arts and entertainment industries, including opera, dance, film and television, exhibitions and events. All students spend time in an industry placement with professional companies or individuals.

The course prepares students for careers as a costume maker, costume supervisor, assistant costume supervisor, costume cutter, theatrical tailor, buyer, finisher or milliner in the arts and entertainment industries.
215 Anzac Parade Kensington
2033 NSW Australia
2015 Course dates


Term 1: 27 January – 3 April
Mid Semester Break: 4 April – 19 April
Term 2: 20 April – 26 June
Mid Year Break: 27 June – 12 July


Term 3: 13 July – 23 August
Mid Semester Break: 24 August – 30 August
Term 4: 31 August – 30 October*

*The semester continues until 4 December for those involved in the Directors' productions