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2022 Three Thousand Years of Longing F (Art Dir)
2021 Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway F (Art Dir)
2020 Operation Buffalo TV (Art Dir)
2018 Nekrotronic F (Prod Des)
2018 Pacific Rim: Uprising F (Asst Art Dir)
2017-18 Wrecked II-III TV (Art Dir)
2017 Alien: Covenant F (Asst Art Dir)
2016 Hacksaw Ridge F (Set Des)
2015 San Andreas F (Set Des)
2015 Down Under F (Prod Des)
2015 The Dressmaker F (Asst Art Dir)
2014 Unbroken (US) F (Set Des)
2010 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark F (Set Des)
2007 The Last One SF
2006 Sounds of Shadows SF
2005 Trapped SF

Agent : THE CAMERON CRESWELL AGENCY (02) 9319 7199


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