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2019 Palm Beach F
2017 Bleeding Steel F
2016-19 Doctor Doctor I-IV TV
2016 Hacksaw Ridge F
2009-10 Packed to the Rafters TV
2008 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (US) F
2006 Clubland F
2006 Playground F
2005 Superman Returns (US) F
2004 Oyster Farmer F
2004 Stealth (US) F
2003 Jessica TV
2003 Snobs TV
2002 The Matrix I-II (US) F
2001 Changi TV
2001 Kangaroo Jack (US) F
2001 The Pact F
2000 Wild Kat TV
1999 Me Myself I F
1999 Search For Treasure Island II TV
1999 Strange Planet F
1999 Yi Jae - Su's War (Korea) F
1998 Fetch SF
1998 Fresh Air F
1998 The Matrix (US) F
1997 Portrait Of A Lady (UK) F
1997 The Real Macaw F
1997 The Well F
1996 Floating Life F
1995 Lilian's Story F

Contact:  Julie Lorimer


87 Holt Avenue
Mosman NSW 2088



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