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Stunt Performer & Stunt Coordinator 

2017 Beauty and the Beast F (Coord)
2017 Kingsman: The Golden Circle F (Coord)
2017 Transformers: The Last Knight F (Coord)
2017 The Grand Tour TV (Coord)
2017 Justice League F
2016 The Hollow Crown TV
2016 The Legend of Tarzan F (Perf)
2016 Alice Through the Looking Glass F (Coord)
2016 The Huntsman: Winter's War F (Coord)
2016 The Brothers Grimsby F (Coord)
2016 Assassin's Creed F
2016 Sacrilege F
2014 Maleficent (US) F (Perf)
2014 Edge of Tomorrow F (Perf)
2014 Game of Thrones IV TV (Perf)
2014 Da Vinci's Demons TV (Perf)
2013 Java Heat (US) F (Stunt Coord)
2013 Fast & Furious 6 (US) F (Perf)
2013 Fury F (Perf)
2012 Dark Shadows (US) F (Perf)
2012 All You Need is Kill (US) F (Perf)
2011 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (US) F (Perf)
2011 Captain America: The First Avenger (US) F (Perf)
2010 Coriolanus (Serb) F
2009 Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows (UK) F
2009 Clash of the Titans (US) F
2009 Robin Hood (UK) F
2008 Prince of Persia (US) F
2008 Sherlock Holmes (UK) F
2008 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (UK) F
2008 The Wolfman F
2008 Quantum of Solice F
2008 Kick Ass (US) F
2007 The Dark Knight F
2007 The Bourne Ultimatum F
2007 National Treasure: Book of Secrets F
2006-07 The Golden Compass F
2005 Munich F
2004 Batman Begins F



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