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2014 The Killing Field TV (Telemovie)
2012 Scratch SF
2012 Nilfisk TVC C
2011 David Jones C
2010 East West 101 TV
2010 Rescue Special Ops TV
2010 Commonwealth Bank C
2009-11 Spirited TV
2009-10 Supercoat Dog Food C
2008-11 Friskies Cat Food TVC C
2008-09 Underbelly TV
2008 Beautiful Kate F
2007 Rain Shadow TV
2006 All Saints TV
2006 Two Twisted TV
2005 Life & Times Of Natalie Wood F
2002 Ned F
2001 Lantana F
2001 The Man Who Sued God F
2001 The Road From Coorain F
2000 Ihaka: Blunt Instrument TV
2000 Moulin Rouge F
2000 Sydney 2000 Olympics Opening Ceremony TV
2000 Willfull F
1999 Mission Impossible II (US) F
1999 The Monkey's Mask F
1998 Mumbo Jumbo TV

Contact:  Richard Bjork or Dimity Bjork


1092 Bowman River Roadd
Bowman NSW 2422



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