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Steadicam Owner/Operator •Pro system w/ Preston digital focus system •Gyro stabilisers 


2021 Jungle Cruise F (Acam/Steadi Main U)
2020 Extraction F (Acam/Steadi)
2019 Alita: Battle Angel F (Acam/Steadi)
2018 Rampage F (Acam/Steadi)
2016 Hacksaw Ridge F
2016 Captain America: Cival War F (Acam)
2015 Mad Max: Fury Road F
2015 San Andreas F
2015 Unfinished Business F
2013 The Great Gatsby F
2011 The Avengers (US) F
2010 Bolden (US) F
2010 In the Land of Blood & Honey (US) F
2009 Where The Wild Things Are (US) F (2nd U)
2009 Secretariat (US) F
2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (US) F (2nd U)
2008 Charlie & Boots F
2007 Secret of Moonacre (UK) F
2007 Ghost Rider (US) F
2005 Gone (AUS/UK) F
2004 Hercules (US) TV
2004 Stealth (US) F
2003 Peter Pan (US) F
2003 Strange Bedfellows F
2002 Danny Deckchair F
2002 Inspector Gadget II (US) F
2002 Japanese Story F
2001 Changi TV (Steadi)
2001 Garage Days F (Add Steadi)
2001 The Man Who Sued God F (Steadi)
2001 The Outsider (US) TV
2001 The Quiet American (US) F (Steadi)
2000 Let's Get Skase F
2000 Stepsister From Planet Weird (US) TV
1999 Farscape I TV
1999 Wahine (US) TV
1998 Murder Call II TV


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