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Steadicam Owner/Operator 

2011 Newton’s 3rd Law F
2011 Short Beach F
2010 Who Pays the Hitman F
2007 Cross Life F
2005 Feed F
2004 Twist of Fate F
2003 Man Thing (US) F
2003 The Floodhouse F
2001 Balmain Boys TV
2001 La Spagnola F (2nd U)
2001 Red Shadow (JAP) F
2001 Birthday Girl (UK) F
2000 The Three Stooges (US) TV
2000 Willfull F
1999 Mr Accident F
1998 Fifteen Amore F
1998 The Matrix (US) F
1997 Dark City (US) F
1995 Children of the Revolution F
1995 Dating the Enemy F
1995 Turning April F
1991 Medicine Man (US) F
1988 Moon Over Parador F
1986 Predator F


4 Wearne Avenue
Pennant Hills NSW 2120


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