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Stunt Performer •Vehicle Specialist •Stunt Rigger 

2018 Guardians of the Tomb F (Rigg)
2017 Alien: Covenant F (Rigg)
2017 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales F (Utility Stunt)
2017 Kong: Skull Island F (Rigg)
2016 The Kettering Incident TV (Driv)
2016 Mechanic: Resurrection F (Utility Stunt)
2016 Hacksaw Ridge F (Utility Stunt)
2015 Mad Max: Fury Road F
2015 San Andreas F (Utility Stunt)
2014 I, Frankenstein F
2014 Secrets & Lies TV
2013 The Great Gatsby F
2011 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (US) F
2011 Terra Nova (US) F
2011 EK The Tiger (IND) F
2010 Killer Elite F
2010 Sanctum (US/AUS) F
2010 Merah Putih (IND) F
2010 Ghostrider II (US) F
2009 Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader F
2009 I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here TV
2009 Tomorrow When the War Began F
2009 Rescue Special Ops TV
2009 The Tree (FR/AU) F
2009 Wilred II F
2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (US) F
2008 Prime Mover F
2008 Knowing (US) F
2008 Narnia: Prince Caspian (UK) F
2007 Daybreakers F
2007 Push F
2007 Australia F
2007 The Ruins F
2007 Nim's Island (US) F
2007 The Condemned F
2007 Fools Gold (US) F
2007 H2O: Just Add Water TV
2006-09 Sea Patrol TV
2006 Love Story F
2006 McLeod's Daughters TV
2006 Monarch Cove TV
2005 Ghost Rider (US) F
2004 The Marine (US) F
2004 See No Evil F
2004 The Excellent Company TV
2004 Through My Eyes F
2004 Son of the Mask (US) F
2004 The Great Raid (US) F



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