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1x Unit truck •2x Make-up •2x Wardrobe •2x Double artist •1x 4WD utes 

2015 Strangerland F
2015 Truth F
2014 Janet King TV
2014 Old School TV
2013 Felony F
2012 The Sapphires F
2010 Sleeping Beauty F
2009 My Place TV
2008 X-Men Origins: Wolverine F
2005 Superman Returns (US) F
2005 The Marine (US) F (Vehicles)
2004 Son of the Mask (US) F
2003 Star Wars II & III (US) F
2001 Quiet American (US/Vietnam) F
1999 Farascpae I TV
1999 Mission Impossible II (US) F (Transport)
1997 Babe: Pig in the City F (Animals)
1996 Paradise Road F
1995 Island of Dr Moreau (US) F


6 Way Street
Tempe NSW 2044

Mobile: 0413 003 133


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