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Post Production Supervision 

2013 Tracks F (Post Sup)
2013 The Railway Man F (Post Prod Sup)
2012 Mental F (Post Sup)
2012 Saving General Yang F (Post Sup)
2012 Dead Europe F (Post Sup)
2012 Lore F (Post Sup)
2011 Bait 3D F (Post Prod Sup)
2011 A Few Best Men F (Post Sup)
2011 Burning Man F (Post Sup)
2010 A Heartbeat Away F (Post Sup)
2010 Beneath Hill 60 F (Post Sup)
2010 I Love You Too F (Post Sup)
2010 The Kings of Mykonos F (Post Sup)
2010 Tomorrow, When the War Began F (Post Sup)
2009 Daybreakers F (Post Sup)
2009 The Loved Ones F (Post Sup)
2008 Knowing F (Post Sup)
2007 The Black Balloon F (Post Sup)
2007 The Children of Huang Shi F (Post Sup)


Building 19/Fox Studios Australia/38 Driver Avenue
Moore Park NSW 2021



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